Some Common Issues with Your Air Condition in Dubai, UAE

Keeping your AC in good condition is certainly not a choice, but a necessity. The standard age of AC units is 10-15 years. But, most air conditioner units give up working because of lack of care and maintenance. All it means, by avoiding AC maintenance Dubai, you are not saving any money. In fact, it enlarges the risk of breakdown, repair and replacement. Stay cool all summer while minimizing the chances of breakdown, with frequent AC maintenance.


Here are some common things that can go wrong with your AC and lead to breakdown:


Poor Airflow

Reduced or disrupted airflow is a common issue with the AC and many poor overlook it often. This problem can arise because of compression forming in the pipes. It prevents the air from reaching the vent. The loose hose connection can also disturb the airflow.


Lower Cooling

There is something wrong when your AC is not cooling your place like before. Gas leakage is the most common reason behind it. In addition, vacuum seals leaking and clogged expansion tube, etc. can cause lower cooling. All these issues can be tackled by the experts when you call him for AC maintenance Dubai. The technicians check the AC thoroughly and find out the cause of the issue and fix that accordingly before it leads to a major problem.


Terrible smell

Lack of care and cleanliness provide a perfect environment for the mold growth. Mold leads to various allergies and health hazards. It should not be there in the AC. If you notice an unpleasant and terrible smell, it is the time to call a technician for AC maintenance and AC Repair Dubai. Don’t try to clean it by your own, especially when you don’t have proper cleaning and safety tools as it can lead to health issues. The technicians can clean the AC thoroughly while taking care of your convenience and health.


Liquid Leakage

At times, the AC release fluid in good amount. Normally, people don’t focus on this problem until the AC stops working. It should not be taken lightly. This issue can cause serious issues, especially if there is a leak in your AC. Even a small leak can form stress in the compressor and it can stop working. In addition, the black metal components can get trapped into the unit. These problems can cause chain responses and ultimately lead to major issues.

All these issues can be rectified by hiring a technician for AC maintenance Dubai.