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    Note from Gail Simon: New Systemic Community Journal Dear Friends of KCC, It is with great anticipation that we invite you to submit something to this new journal, Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice. We hope that we can all find a home in this journal and use it to extend and grow the community that some of us now think of as the KCC school of systemic practice. It feels especially exciting drafting this email because we have a sense of not only who we are addressing but also the creativity in our own community. The first issue comes out in October so we are looking for submissions for this and subsequent issues. It would be great to have something from you at some point. Have a look at the website first. We are attempting something which has a new rigour and imagination. We have only a glimpse of what this might yet look like. To say warmed up, practice led or life led writing is probably too simplistic. But it isn't for dead flat academic writing. That is the point of it really - to bring life back into writing, to capture the sound of talk, the feel of relational movement in everyday practice, to show systemic transformations. We very much want to get a sense of liveness, people behind the name and multimedia in this journal. If you have video or photos or other images which you feel will invite reflections on relationality, please send those too. See the guidelines for contributors and reviewers on the web site. Finally, we are going to have a Systemic Haiku section. A strict 5-7-5 syllables. Up to five Haiku per person. Go on, please have a go. It will be a rolling section. The website is Best wishes, Gail Gail Simon Editor Murmurations. Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice

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    Hi everybody A lot of you probably knows the interview I published with Peter Lang and Jesper Juul 10 years ago.. A very creative and engaged guy in Germany has asked for permission to translate it into German and publish it in a small book, so if you know somebody in Germany, who could be interested, please refer to: Gründer und Leiter familylab Deutschland f a m i l y l a b . d e – die familienwerkstatt Beratung für Familien, Schulen und Unternehmen Mathias Voelchert GmbH Verlag Oberbucha 4 94336 Windberg USTID Nr. DE 128 365 927 Handelsregister: HRB Nr. 12441, gegr. 1985 Registergericht Straubing Tel. 09962 2035110 Fax 09962 2035113

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